2/9 Hell in a Helmet



2nd Battalion, 9th Marines (2/9)

2nd Battalion, 9th Marines (2/9) is a historical infantry battalion that was part of the United States Marine Corps. The battalion has a rich history, having been formed during World War I. It served as an integral unit within the 9th Marine Regiment and the 3rd Marine Division.

Deactivation and Reactivation

On September 2, 1994, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines was deactivated to create space for one of three light armor reconnaissance battalions. However, on July 13, 2007, the battalion was reactivated, marking its return as part of the 6th Marine Regiment.

Legacy of Service

Throughout its existence, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines played a significant role in various military operations, contributing to the Marine Corps' mission. The battalion's dedication and service reflect the proud traditions of the United States Marine Corps.

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