3/9 Shadow Warriors



3rd Battalion, 9th Marines (3/9)

The 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines (3/9) is an infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps, originally formed during World War I. It served until the early 1990s when it underwent a redesignation as 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines (3/4) as part of the Marine Corps' infantry battalions realignment and renumbering, following the deactivation of the 9th Marine Regiment.

Unit History and Designation Changes

The 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines was initially a subordinate unit of the 9th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division. However, it underwent operational transfer to the 1st Marine Division and became a subordinate unit of the 7th Marine Regiment, where it remained until its redesignation as 3/4.

Nicknames and Motto

  • Nickname: Shadow Warriors
  • Motto: "Death in the Dark" (Vietnam Era), "Striking 3/9" (Post-Vietnam Era)


The companies of 3/9 include:

  • Headquarters & Service Company
  • India Company
  • Kilo Company
  • Lima Company
  • Mike Company
  • Weapons Company

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