“I Concede Nothing” Terminus, the God of Borders



“I Concede Nothing”

Terminus, the God of Borders, was about as stubborn as the old Romans that prayed to him. His myth held that any boundary he drew was sacrosanct. No one, not even the King of the Gods would dare erase his lines.

In the beginning, Rome didn’t have anything special about it beyond its belief in this one obscure spirit, but he was enough. Rome lost hundreds of battles over their history, but they just couldn’t admit defeat. Terminus wouldn’t allow it. To Rome, defeat wasn’t embarrassment, it was a sin. Better to die than to sin. So their only direction was forward, and that’s why Rome conquered the world.

So just like his cult did back in Roman times, I’m offering Terminus his old sacrifice: Honey, wheat, wine, and just a little pigs blood.

Always Faithful. Always Forward